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Our Story

Jeet Vadher (Founder, Pitch Perfect India) had attended many sales training during his professional stint, he realized that in India most of the sales training companies focus on sales process and less on sales techniques. There are very few companies which invest in reinforcement of training and that is when he felt that there is a need to deliver training that gives ROI to the companies and to the learners. In late 2016, Jeet started to discover best possible way to reinforce training and came across offerings of Train n Gain sales and leadership app, we call it blended training i.e classroom training powered by state of the art mobile learning platform. In Jan 2017 Jeet started Pitch Perfect India and collaborated with Train n Gain BV.

"Training has always been my passion and have trained many B2B and B2C sales people to better their sales performance & helped companies to streamline their sales processes and achieve their revenue target."
.. Says Jeet.

Pitch Perfect India focuses on improving sales communication skills and techniques through role-plays and activities, which makes the training more engaging, realistic and effective,all minus presentations and handouts.

Alongside, Paul Smulders’ (founder of Train ‘n Gain) and Pitch Perfect India’s co-Founder Radha Vadher’s vast experience combined with Pitch Perfect India’s vision to provide world class training at an affordable price plays a major role in turning the sales table.


“To help our customers ‘sell more, sell better’ by delivering customized sales training that is effective and efficient at an affordable price”


“Is to become one of the world’s Top 20 sales training company by 2030”

Our association with Train N Gain BV

CEO of train n gain – Paul Smulders has been a mentor and has supported Jeet throughout the journey of Pitch Perfect India.

Classroom training cannot be replaced but at the same time, it alone is not effective to achieve training objectives. And so, we were searching for a solution with which training can be reinforced. We came across various options but the best was the Micro Learning platform by Train ‘n Gain. With the recent launch of the micro curriculum app, Train ‘n Gain has the best training solution for sales and leadership training. You can also get your own branded white labeled micro learning app as per your training requirement.

Pitch Perfect India represents Train ‘n Gain exclusively in India. With this collaboration, we aim to help individuals & corporate to adopt micro learning and train anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Our Philosophy


Participants learn selling techniques and understand how to use them in their sales environment.


During the training participants practice the selling techniques with help of various sales role plays and activities.


With training reinforcement and continuous practicing, participants can master selling techniques over a period of time.

Our Team

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Jeet Vadher


When he is not working, He likes to spend time with his family & friends.He likes interacting with people where ever he goes. Likes listening to music and enjoys dancing & playing chess.

Area of expertise

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Effective Communication
  • Sales Process

Radha Vadher


She believes that hard work and persistence pays in long run. She is a perfectionist and is very particular about the end result of every task. She is a trained Kathak dancer and is a big fan shahrukh khan.

Area of expertise

  • Finance
  • Management
  • Operations
  • Recruitment

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