Training Mode: Onsite classroom / Live online/ Micro learning

Train ‘n Gain Selling Professionally Training Program

Course Information

Intended for

Individual sales professionals, self-employed entrepreneurs and management freshers

What’s in it for you

Master your sales techniques with this comprehensive course from Train ‘n Gain BV, the Netherlands delivered by Pitch Perfect India. From opening to closing techniques, every stage of the sales conversation is included in this practical training program.


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*training duration may vary depending upon the number of participants and the mode of training

Course Outline

Session Objective
Pipeline management Participants understand what is pipeline management and why it is important to revive old customers.
Being a phone professional Participants understand what is required to be a phone professional
Listening Skills Participants understand what is active listening and why it is important
Making Appointments Participants learn what is an effective sales pitch and how to ask for appointment over the phone
Communications preferences & sales Participants understand a different kind of communication styles and understand how to match their communication styles with that of customers
Opening face to face conversation Participants will learn how to open sales conversation positively and gain customers confidence
Objection handling techniques Participants learn what not to do when objection is raised and learn how and when to use 10 objection handling techniques
Question Techniques Participants learn how and when to use 12 question techniques in order to understand customer needs
Convincing Techniques Participant learn how to convince customer the RIGHT way
Price presentation Participants learn how to mention price to customer using different techniques
Closing Techniques Participants learn how and when to use 12 closing techniques ustomer needs
Buying Signals Participants understand how to identify buying signals and close with appropriate closing technique

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