Training Mode: Micro learning

Train ‘n Gain Leadership Skills for People Managers Training Program

Course Information

Intended for

Individual team leaders, managers, self-employed entrepreneurs and management fresher’s

What’s in it for you

Master your leadership skills with this comprehensive course from Train ‘n Gain BV, the Netherlands delivered by Pitch Perfect India. From hiring to firing, every aspect of leadership conversations is included in this practical training program.


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*training duration may vary depending upon the number of participants and the mode of training

Course Outline

Session Objective
Situational Leadership® (Blanchard) Participants understand what is situational leadership and learn to give their people exactly what they need when they need it
Motivating Participants learn why is motivation important and how to motivate
Correcting Participants learn the art to correcting
Giving & Receiving Feedback Participants learn how to give constructive feedback and how to receive feedback positively
Communications preferences & sales Participants understand a different kind of communication styles and understand how to match their communication styles with that of others
Hire team members Participants understand what is structured interview process and ask questions using interview techniques
Contract termination talks Participants learn how to professionally conduct termination talks
Final warning talks Participants learn how to give final warnings

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